Still Trading? Here are some tips to battle the slow down!

We don’t have a heap of tips yet but are very keen to hear your contributions. Please comment below or contact us if you’d like to contribute some ideas to help others keep on going.

Reach out to current customers

Communication is so critical! I’m sure you’ve seen some of your clients emailing you about changes to their operations etc because of Covid-19. Well if you haven’t already, it might be wise to broadcast a bit of a “Hey we’re still open how is everything going, can we help with anything?” type email or social media post!

  • Let them know what you’re doing to minimise the risk of infection
  • Advise what changes might be impacting your service delivery in both extent of service and lead time terms.
  • Disclaim that with so much uncertainty during these difficult times you are going to do your best but now is a great time to get everything up to date.
  • Contact information – be sure to keep everyone updated with current contact information – be aware that old service registers / folders might contain old contact information for key staff that are no longer in your employ.
  • Cherry on top! Offer them something? Perhaps a sense of urgency type of advice that is going to convert?
    • Example: Social Media Post – Rodent activity is building as things cool. Times are uncertain so we highly recommend you get a preventative rodent treatment booked in ASAP.
  • Be positive! Times are terribly difficult and being as positive as you can be in any contact or communication is important.
  • Exercise compassion! Perhaps you’re offering payment plans or a reduction in service fees for some commercial accounts where your scope of work has reduced, announce that! But also be mindful that some businesses are really struggling, accept and agree to requests to pause services and billing. Times are tough!

Catch Up

There is no doubt we’re seeing an abrupt end to our typically busy times… when things start to slow down and prior to any mass shut down the government might announce it’s a great time to catch up on papework, billing, outstanding jobs, and any other fiddly and too hard basket matters that you’ve been putting off.

We’ll add more content to this post over time as the contributions from our industry start coming. Check again soon.

Thanks to Cameron Skedd for some content suggestions on this topic.