Dealing with Covid-19 and commercial food premises.

With the advent of Covid-19, we are all entering new and uncertain times and if you have been anything like me you would have have been fielding calls from your commercial clients left, right and centre for the last few days.

So just some important factors to consider when discussing potentially suspending their services during these enforced closures. Despite the financial constraints on everyone, pest control at these premises is more important than ever.

A shutdown kitchen, in 24 hour darkness, with no frequent cleaning schedule is a pest time bomb waiting to happen. I have personally seen this on several occasions, and it isn’t pretty. Foodstuffs are not going to be turned over or rotated as frequent and possibly left to spoil and will be highly susceptible to stored product pests, drains and sinks are not going to be regularly flushed with water and will be left to stagnate, causing ideal conditions for moth and fermentation flies. With the lack of staff not frequenting the premises, observation of pest activity may go unnoticed for some time. A rat that gains access to an unoccupied kitchen would have a field day and a small German cockroach issue could soon develop into a big one and undo all our hard work.

I have been dealing with each client on a case by case basis, but in most cases, we’ve organised with the client to space our services out a bit, and keep it to a minimum, by inspecting and treating only as required. It’s more about just keeping an eye on things so that when they do reopen for full operation they don’t find any nasty surprises and have to deal with a pest issue as well! I have spoken too many pest managers over the last few days, many owner operators have opted to service their handful of commercial clients at no cost to the client, and others with a larger portfolio have offered to service at cost price only. This is no doubt a very hard decision as we are all feeling the pinch, and typically I’m not a fan of discounting as it decreases the value of our services, but this is extreme times and one where we have to weigh up the need to earn a living vs trying to do the right thing! What you arrange with your client in regards to servicing and pricing is up to you and your client, but I would strongly advise against completely suspending the service for this period!

What a legend! Jay Turner of Laguna Pest Control has very kindly shared this with us! Thanks Jay!

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  1. Thanks for your insight Jay ,I have found these to be very helpful when dealing with my commercial clients

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