MP Response Example – NSW Premier

There have been plenty of example of responses from MP’s provided to me and while they all appear canned and very routine without much progress the message is getting heard – and because the letters and submissions templates have merit I’m confident it’ll be a positive outcome should there be further lockdown restrictions. In Victoria we have received word that we will be considered an essential service in any event!

Below is a letter received from the Premier’s office in NSW hat may give you a good idea of the gist of government responses thus far.

Response to Kristy Dawson from NSW Premier:

Dear Miss Dawson

Thank you for your correspondence regarding the Coronavirus and the temporary restriction of some activities and businesses in New South Wales. I am replying on behalf of the Premier and I appreciate the circumstances that have prompted you to write.

The National Cabinet, consisting of the Prime Minister and leader of each State and Territory, is meeting on a regular basis. It has put in place significant restrictions on gatherings and on some business activities to help curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus. In New South Wales, these restrictions are enforceable under Public Health Orders issued by the NSW Government.

Given this is an evolving situation, I strongly encourage you to visit for the latest advice. Information on what business activities are restricted is available at that site, as well as restrictions on gatherings that may apply to businesses that remain open.

I can assure you that your representations are being considered, and will be noted as any future decisions are made.

Thank you for bringing your enquiry to the Premier’s attention. I wish you well over the coming months.

Yours sincerely

Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier

Email – 3 April 2020

Thanks to Kristy for continuing to contribute to Project Pestie.