Covid-19 Position Statement

Position statement: Covid-19

We are fully aware of the importance of protecting public health. The pest management industry make their living by protecting homes and businesses from public health pests.

Covid-19 presents a very real threat to public health and to the most vulnerable in our society.

It is everyone’s responsibility to help protect the nation from the spread of the virus by following official government advice, particularly by avoiding all unnecessary contact and practising social distancing.

However, pest management requires professionals to visit sites and deal with clients face-to-face.

In some situations, pest professionals will be around the most vulnerable to protect them from public health pests.

Professional pest management is a critical service that supports public health, however the risks of spreading Covid-19 need to be balanced against the risk of inadequate control and management of pest species.

This should be done on a case-by-case basis and is a business decision for individual pest management companies with their client.