RESOURCE: COVID-19 Screening Questions / Technician On Site Procedures

Here is a basic response policy and some guidance around procedures for technician site arrival, greetings and pre work screening questions.

Also included is an incoming bookings screening script that may be useful to admin // office staff.

This documents provides a sample of:

  • Questions to ask clients before work commences
  • Telephone bookings – script for admin staff
  • Disclaimer script around future changes to your ability to service a booking.
  • Basic site arrival, greeting, service that can proceed framework for technicians.

You will likely want to adapt this to your business and it’s probably not ready to go as it is but has the bones for you to get started in your Covid-19 business preparedness.

Contributed by Brad Ward



  1. Do we have a list of approved chemicals that can be used safely that does not cause damage/discoloration or bleaching of surfaces
    I am thinking of using fogging or misting in areas..
    In the US thy have a list but i dont think some products are available here and approved..
    Disinfectants are 1 option.. but is there a pesticide or virus chemical besides disinfectants hat can be used?

    • HI Darren,
      At this stage I only know of the USA lists – and whilst the same labelled products probably aren’t available here the US EPA has broken some down by Active ingredients which may be useful.
      Bleach is currently the only option provided in Australian Dep of Health guides.
      We’ll update you if we get more info.

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