Victoria Dept Health & Human Services Response – Essential Service Not Determined

I received this response from the Pest Control licensing section of the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.

Commentary: What this explains is the department is sharing an opinion of considering the industry essential to some extent. We should appreciate that the department is subject to government direction as much as we are. Sensible advice around spraying / dusting – occupants to go for a long drive or walk!

Thank you for your email regarding the continuation of pest control activities following the announcement of non-essential business closures as part of the COVID-19 response. The Covid-19 response team has heard the below. As soon as DHHS have a definitive answer we’ll hear about it.

I am aware of the vital role these activities play in Public Health. At this stage pest control does not fall into the definition of non-essential however I have advised the COVID-19 response team of the necessity to continue servicing food manufacturing and storage facilities, restaurants and cafes, nursing homes, hotels and hospitals in addition to private residences now and in the future. In addition to working predominantly in isolation, PCOs are already well trained in hygiene and PPE. I am currently awaiting a response.

You should be practicing increased hygiene, cleaning and physical distancing within your workplace and stay at home if you are sick. Occupants should still be asked to vacate the premise in the event that a spray or dust treatment is being performed by going for a long walk or taking a drive.

Further information will be sent to you when it becomes available. Please also refer to the Department of Health and Human Services Coronavirus website at



    • It’s no competition Doug. I’m happy to work with other’s on this, for our industry. This is bigger than me, or any individual or organisation.

  1. Awesome work Brad – I also have emailed you a response I have received from the NSW Premiers Senior Policy advisor 🙂

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