Termatrac – Cleaning / Disinfection Advice

I wondered if using alcohol wipes on a Termatrac (which is rubbed on all kinds of surfaces) to disinfect it was acceptable. After receiving an email from Termatrac with regard to them still being available and open as usual I thought I’d reach out and check on this! Glad I did so I thought I’d share with you all.

How to disinfect the T3i

Do: When using a disinfectant spray, spray the disinfectant onto a cloth and wipe the body of the unit.

When using a disinfectant wet wipe please remove any excess residue before wiping the body of the unit.

Always ensure that the unit is completely dry before use.

Do not: Never use isopropanol alcohol to disinfect the T3i unit because it is a strong substance that can damage the exterior labelling and case of the T3i unit if used excessively.

Do not used disinfectant spray directly onto the T3i unit because it may seep into the unit and affect/cause damage to internal components.

Do not under any circumstance touch the battery terminals with a wet wipe or cloth.

My thanks to Termatrac for a very fast response! They took my queries and did some testing very quickly. I’m impressed and so glad they let me know they’re there during this difficult time!


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