Stage 4 Lockdown is here!

I’ve spent so much time talking with individuals and helping everyone out that I’ve been unable to put much of an update together for this site.

What I can say is please reach out if you think you need a hand with anything. Our industry is full of like minded souls who are more than willing to help out fellow operators, businesses and technicians.

Please head over to the Victorian Pest Technicians Facebook Group

There you’ll get a collective contributions from other techs and business people locally.

If you want more personalised, confidential and outrageous banter, support or just a pick me up please email me (Brad Ward) via or give me a call if you’ve got my number, otherwise I’ll happy provide it via email.

As is always the case stay up to date with the latest government advice:

I’ve also found some useful snippets in the British Pest Control Association’s guidance for pest management companies – find it here – it’s very centric to the UK but there are some really useful bits in there. Adapt and utilise.

All the very best during these challenging times



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