How is the Industry Responding?

Notable announcements and changes by industry participants, suppliers, etc will be reported here. Want to contribute to this list? Email

AEPMA have released a letter with all kinds of reasons why Pest Control should be considered an essential service, notably they infer there is a risk of rodents transmitting Covid-19 (30/03/2020, Social Media)

Termatrac are situation normal, continuing to offer calibrations and support along with sales. (30/03/2020, Email)

Formitize have offered free Covid-19 safety forms and a free web form addon for new and existing users. (27/03/2020, Email)

Globe have advised us that they have implemented social distancing measures at all branches, stock issues around disposable overalls, masks, respirators and ULV foggers only. They are continually reviewing measures and may adjust operating procedures as required. They’ll remain operational for orders even if branches close. (Email, 27/03/2020)

Agserv have closed all showrooms, office etc to public entry. They remain open for orders and you can still attend to pickup goods but must follow new protocols. Read their announcement. (26/03/2020)

Rapid Solutions has announced that they are able to add commercial cleaning to your policy if requested. Pacific International – their underwriter requires you to provide paperwork that includes the following clause “this work is not warranted to protect against or eliminate COVID-19 (the “coronavirus”). The paperwork must also demonstrate alignment with the requirements of the Australian Government Department of Health Environmental cleaning and disinfection principles for COVID-19 and be submitted to Rapid Solutions.

AEPMA have prepared a letter and sent it to state and territory premiers seeking pest control be declared as an Essential Service. View the letter here (22/03/2020)

PestIT have announced limitations to on site training and site visits. They have commenced Facebook live video podcasts offering training and product demos etc. Call before you attend their offices. View their announcement here. (19/03/2020)