Aepma Update On Efforts They’re Making

AEPMA Preident Vasili Tsoutouras has posted a social media update to the industry. As you’ll note government has not provided any written response with confirmation.

As I post this update Scott Morrison is addressing the media. They have implemented a wave of new incoming arrivals restrictions but haven’t made any changes to business operations and lock downs.

Keep across the media, and government updates for any changes to this situation.

From all that I gathered from Scott Morrison’s update from 2:15pm 27/03/2020 is they’re going to work over the weekend on further measures for early next week.

As you are aware AEPMA has been attempting to have pest control classified as an essential industry. To date, we have made representations not once but three times to all State & Territory jurisdictions in the last week. We have been promised verbal support from at least two of these jurisdictions but as yet, we have not received any written confirmation. The latest advice has been that it will be part and parcel of the Governments next response, however, there is a disagreement between jurisdictions about when and how and what a complete shutdown of effectively the country would look like. When we have more information I promise I will communicate this to you all. We have a team of volunteers in the background doing their part. We all love our industry and want the best for it and our families. Stay Safe.

Vasili Tsoutouras – AEPMA President – 27/03/2020 – Facebook